Two Dollar Conveyance USA Internal Revenue Stamps on silk paper; Scott Number R81d 1862 to 71

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The two Two (2) Dollar Conveyance stamps were printed by the U.S. Government between 1862 and 1971 in order to produce revenues for the United States Treasury.

Two dollar Conveyance Stamp were classified as revenue stamps, or fiscal stamps. Conveyance stamps were not used as postage stamps for mailing letters, but were verification that taxes were paid for many types of products like alcohal, and tobacco. These proprietary conveyance stamps were used to pay taxes on goods via fixed application directly to a package. After bing affixed to a product many were distroyed during the process of opening then using the product which then destroys (cancels) the stamp. This process then preventing reuse, and as a by-product make these old stamps rare.

These two stamps are in very good condition. The front of the stamp has been "Cancelled" using hand written manuscript cancellation by some human being.

The Scott Number (ID number) is R81 "D". The D class R81 stamps are identified by the perforated edges that are on all four edges of each stamp. Other, earlier issues of this stamp have one or no side perferated. These older non-perferated stamps cost much more money.

I would like to sell both stamps and keep the collection together.