THE PIPEMASTER - Accurate Large Diameter 6" to 24" Pipe Cutter

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PipeMaster even cuts underwater!

Hydraulic Power Drive required and not included in price:

See Model 6500 Power Pak and 701185 Bypass Valve (allows using other machines Hydraulic drive (tractor or front end loader?).


  • Unit consists of a cutting head with internal gears which operate the drive wheels and blade shaft. Cutting blades (except for No. 4616) must be cooled with water during cutting and are fully enclosed for safety. The cutter is held onto the pipe by a wide roller chain which is tensioned with a threaded take-up mechanism. A chart is included which tells the operator how much chain is required for various sizes of pipe. PipeMaster comes standard with cutting head, roller chain, wedges and water supply tank in a wood case. Blades are chosen based on pipe material and are not included with the basic machine. Maximum wall thickness for cutting is 1". The unit has a hydraulic motor which requires an external hydraulic power source.

    PipeMaster Features

    • Maximum hydraulic requirements 6 gpm/1500 psi
    • Gearbox: Worm Drive with 80–90W gear oil required
    • Cutting speed: 
      3" (150mm) of surface travel per minute 
      1" (25mm) of diameter per minute
    • Cutting Clearance: Radial 8" (200mm); Axial 16" (400mm)
    • Blade Speed: 1200 RPM
    • Construction: Aluminum gearbox, side plated steel; bronze gears, steel roller chain, drive wheels are aluminum with urethane covering


Three blades for Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Steel Pipes. Available with diamond or carbide tipped. These blades will fit the Wheeler-Rex PipeMaster as well as Universal and Utility Cutters from Reed Manufacturing, Keel and WACHS.
  4706 6" Carbide Tipped Blade for steel pipes
  4606 6" Diamond Blade for cast iron, ductile iron and clay pipes  
  4616 6" Economy Diamond Blade for ductile iron pipes. Cut dry or wet. Low price and excellent performance make this blade the best value on the market!!!