Silverplate Tea, Coffee and More "Spring Flower" by International Silver Company (8 parts)

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This is an offer to sell a eight (8) item service set for coffee and tea constructed by silver manufacturing company W.W. Rogers & Son who constructed silver-plate hollow-ware as a division of International Silver Company. This design was made by William Hazen and William Henry between the dates 1861 and 1871. The Wm. Rogers and Son manufacturers mark was used by International Silver Co as one of their sub-brands of silver-plated hollow-ware.

This hollow-ware pattern is named "Spring Flower" as etched into the bottoms of each individual item. The complete service includes three spouted pots with handles including one each for tea, coffee and alcohol warming vessel respectively. There is also a creamer, sugar cube bowl, sugar bowl with a lid, and engraved tray with handles.

Spring Flower Items included:

1. Engraved Tray with engravings and ornate details – 16” x 22” (inside handles) part number 2092

2. Creamer – 3 ½” x 6”, part number 4204

3. Sugar Bowl with lid – 7” x 10” part number 2003

4. Sugar Cube Bowl – 4 ½” x 4” part number 2005

5. Coffee Pot with Handles – 11” x 10” part number 2001

6. Tea Pot with Handle – 10” x 10” part number 2002

7. Warming Vessel (Hangs above alcohol burner on a separate stand 9” x 14” part number 2006

Item Not Spring Flowers but included as Rogers and Sons - Ice Holder with lid and serving pitchers 8” x 8” part number 114.

This is an old used set (over 100 years old) of silver-plated hollow-ware. The pieces are in very good condition but need to be polished and shined up.

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