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  • The Propel-Loc™ Quick Release System - Roller & Band Pack


    The Propel-Loc™ system requires no hand tools to remove, install, or replacing sanding bands onto the sanding drum. The patented design of the Propel-Loc™ sanding drum, and bands, allow installation of sanding bands by sliding them on with a quick twist of two fingers. Jewelry Makers, Artists, Machinists, Woodworkers, and Model Makers no longer need to keep a variety of sanding drums close by in order to exchange sanding bands to do finer, or coarser grit sanding. Just keep the Propel-Loc™ Quick Release Surfacing System Roller Drum securely locked in your high-speed rotary tool.

    Price includes:

  • one sanding drum roller ½” x ½” with 1/8” shaft.
  • (3) three assorted abrasive bands including a #60, #80, and #120 grit bands.