Queen Anne Service Plate Charger by WILTON ARMETALE (12) fourteen inch plates

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This offer included twelve (12) 14" metal serving charger plates in never used condition.

Wilton Armetale combines innovative design with old-world craftsmanship to produce a successful line of decorative service ware.

These 14 inch diameter Queen Anne Charger plates were produced by using an ancient painstaking process called sand molding, whereby an impression formed in sand is filled with molten metal. Since items are individually cast and meticulously hand-finished, no two pieces are exactly alike. Not surprisingly, the Armetale formula remains a closely guarded family secret. When cast, this metal alloy can be worked to acquire the look of pewter or be highly polished to resemble silver. Products made from Armetale are functional as well as beautiful. The tarnish-resistant alloy will not crack, chip, or dent; and its ability to retain temperatures makes it versatile for heating, chilling, and serving. Design is an important element of Wilton Armetale's products, so it is fitting that the name Armetale means art metal.

Diameter or Width: 14 in

Metal used: Hollowware, Armetale

Crafted in Pennsylvania, USA