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Manually Operated Mini Shear/Brake SB-8


Some jobs require a unique machine to get it completed.  One of these unique machines is Baileigh Industrial’s SB-8 is a manually operated mini shear/brake combination machine.  The SB-8 shear/break is perfect for those small arts and crafts projects where a larger machine is just too big to be used efficiently.  The SB-8 has an 18 Gauge aluminum maximum capacity and a 20 Gauge copper/brass maximum capacity.   The SB-8 shear/brake has an 8" bed width with 7-7/8” blades for the shear and brake.

The SB-8 has a 90° maximum bend angle for making perfect corners.  Like all Baileigh industrial products the SB-8 is built to last for years of use.  It even includes a back gauge for repeatability.