Large Birmingham Silver Co. & Wallace Silver Casserole and Broque Chaffers Dishes. (two dishes)

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Chafing Dishes are designed to keep food warm as they maintain a presentable appearance during events and parties. Chafing dishes keep food hot via a small alcohol burner flame that heats a water reservoir. The hot water warms the larger holding vessel of food for extended time periods without worry of burning or overcooking the meal. The food is then presented to groups of people on a table top covered stand thereby allowing guests access to hot, and fresh, meals based on self-service delivery. These two Chafing dishes provide all that is needed in order to set up a visually appealing buffet line. By setting these chafers up, in an organized way, the party host is able to keep lines moving and guests satisfied.

Birmingham Silver Company, Inc. started making silver hollowware products out of a factory located in Brooklyn, NY and later moved its facilities to Yalesville, CT
The company was the successor to the Goldfeder Silver Co., founded by Sol Goldfeder in 1932. The company became Birmingham Silver Co. sometime before 1957.

The offer includes one large Chaffing dish made by Birmingham Silver and another fabricated by Wallace Silver. Both Dishes include silver plated stands, food compartments dishes, water reservoir, alcohol burners, and covers.

Please note that the silver will need to be polished.