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    BMS works with Direct Distributors of Fertilizers.  For sale to direct importers of fertilizers for all Classes of agricultural products from Company’s Headquarters in Switzerland, California USA and Eastern Europe.  More 30 years of experience exporting fertilizers.

    Export offers include UREA, NPK, AMMONNIUM NITRATE, POTASH FERTILIZER (MOP) and other class of fertilizer in Bulk (Full Vessel Loads e.g. 12,500, 25,000 and 100,000 tons)

    Shipping Container deliveries are also available for 20 and 40-foot sizes in Big Bags and 50 kg. Woven bags.

    Market delivery to Africa, South Eastern Asia, Central, and South America on cost, insurance and freight terms (CIF) available with proper Request For a Quotation (RFQ) letters from actual buyers (not brokers) that include specification needs, delivery location and credit worthiness information.

    Terms of payment will be transferable, documentary letter of credit written on a top 25 bank.  Small banks will need to have a confirming banks help to provide credit worthiness.

    Photos and prices are for sample proposes only.  Do not relay on the posted price levels.   Call and provide RFQ information for a true quote.