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Dual Miter Band Saw BS-350M


Dual Miter Band Saw •Cast iron saw head provides rigidity and swivels in two directions, 0-60 degrees (R) and 0-45 degrees (L) •Direct gear drive helps extend saw blade life, and allows saw head to make more accurate cuts and cut faster. •Dual descent modes: 1 -Manual descent mode is operated by pulling down on handle and actuating trigger switch. 2- Hydraulic descent feed can be adjusted by operator. •Powerful coolant pump cools blade and assists chip removal system. We recommend using a petroleum or synthetic based coolant mixture that is typically mixed with water in a 1:10 ratio. •Broken blade tension device shuts down machine if blade breaks. The gear driven BS-350M is a 10-1/2" dual miter Band Saw and is the perfect saw for cutting at 90 degrees or miter angles. This saw has a dual angle head capable of cutting 0-60 degrees (R) and 0-45 (L), making it one of the most versatile band saws on the market. Quick releases allow the operator to change the miter angle in seconds. The vise also has a hand wheel for tightening and is coupled with a quick release and load torque handle for tightening and loosening metal bars in seconds. Each gear driven metal cutting band saw we offer has variable speed, miter heads, and a hydraulic controlled descent device for perfect feeds and longer blade life. Our band saws have DC variable speed drives that offers consistent torque even at slower speeds, which increases blade life. Our band saws are constructed of a heavy cast iron saw head and base and the blades are guided via a tungsten carbide insert offering rigidity and accuracy. Each band saw has a powerful coolant system and a broken blade tensioning device that shuts down the machine if the blade breaks. This machine is perfect for cutting solid bar stock, as well as tubing and pipe. Metals cut easily on the BS-350M include mild and stainless steel, aluminum, chromo and bronze. Plastics of many different sorts can be cut on this machine as well.

The BS-350M series band saw offers two cutting functions: 1- Manual descent for small production runs. The operator simply turns on the machine via a trigger switch in the descent handle, and manually guides the band saw blade through the material. Perfect for the small fabricators needs. 2- Hydraulic descent for larger production runs increases blade life and reduces operator fatigue. The hydraulic descent has a down feed adjustment for feed pressure. The saw head is manually lifted to reset the hydraulic descent for the next cut. This metal band saw can cut up to 8-1/2"x13-3/4" rectangle. This model has service requirements of 220V, Single Phase, 60 Hertz. The BS-350M horizontal band saw has a dual swiveling miter head, allowing the operator to miter 60 degrees in one direction and 45 degrees in the other direction. This series of horizontal band saw comes standard with a variable speed drive allowing the operator to fine tune the blade speed from 66 to 280 variable. The BS-350M metal cutting saw requires a 1" wide saw blade by .035" thick that is 125" long, making this series a very precise miter saw. We ship our mitering band saws with quality saw blades and recommend using a quality replacement blade manufactured by the likes of Lenox®, Starrett®, or Wikus®. Baileigh Industrial provides quality band saws at an exceptional value. We carry this machine in stock for same day shipments.

220 Volt Single Phase Dual Mitering Metal Cutting Band Saw. 10.63" Round Capacity @ 90 Degrees, 9.45" Round Capacity @ 45 Degrees, 6.30" Round Capacity @ 60 Degrees, and 8.28" Round Capacity @ 45 Degrees Left Via Dual Mitering Head. 1" Blade Width. Variable Speed Control (66- 280 FPM). Includes Blade Tension Device, Direct Drive Gear Box, Manual or Hydraulic Descent and Coolant System.