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  • Dior Christmas by Christian Dior China (38 piece set)

    $2,940.00 $2,646.00
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    These are Dior Christmas breakfast sets which are the finest, most colorful and festive Christmas holiday decorative china place settings a person can own.  This collection was manufactured in the early 1990's by Christian Dior and made in Japan under licence.  Each piece is adorned with holiday Christmas bows, holly, and musical instruments that celebrate the season.

    This selection includes:

    1.   11 inch dinner plates - fifteen (15) pieces @ $150.00 per plate

    2.  6 1/4 inch saucers - eleven (11) pieces @ $30.00 per saucer

    3.  3 1/2" x 2 1/4" cups - twelve (12) pieces @ $30.00 per cup.

    I understand that the numbers don't match on quantities, however this is the list of parts in our collection.  Each dinnerware piece is in new or never used condition.  Call with any questions.

    Free shipping.