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  • Daylite Tubular Skylite Kits

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    A tubular light kit adds natural light to almost any area.


    They are simple to install and commonly used in bathrooms,

    Hallways, stairways, closets, and kitchens.


    Size Recommended Area (ideal conditions) Typical Light Output


    #150 = 8” diameter tube with a 12’ length good for about 150 square feet of light or 700 Watts

    #300 = 12” diameter tube with a 20’ length good for about 300 square feet or 1000 Watts


    Model 150 and 300 Kit includes: four feet of pipe, factory installed Superome*, storm collar, galvanized roof flashing, ceiling trim ring and diffuser, hardware, caulk, metal seam tape, and

    installation manual.




    *SuperDome is a new innovation that allows 15% more light than equivalent

    Models producing evenly dispersed light and collecting light at all sun angles.


    • The factory sealed SuperDome vs. competition who requires the installer to fit and seal the dome assembly on-site

    • The competitors do not include galvanized steel flashing, therefore the DayLight tube provides superior insulation.

    • To determine the required amount of pipe, measure roof to

    ceiling and add one foot.

    • The flashing can be cut to adjust to various pitches flat to 6/12.

    • Use elbows when angle is more than 30 degrees.

    • Insulate between the tube and flashing when possible.


    • Electric Light Kit for use at night

    • Forty five (45°) Elbows for tubes

    • Diffusers: prismatic or white

    • Steep Flashing

    • Aluminum Flashing – required for tile roof