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  • Ceremonial Sword with Scabbard (circa 1880 – 1920).


     This is a Select Knights, ‘Ancient Order of United Workmen.’ (AOUW) fraternal ceremonial sword with scabbard (circa 1880 – 1920).  This sword was issued to Mr. WM. Heaslett with his name is engraved onto the blade.   AOUW was a fraternal organization founded after the civil war with Mason leanings. The sword and scabbard probably date to the last quarter of the 19th century. It has "Select Knight’ printed on the sword with a Skeletal Hand, Crosses and Anchors on the scabbard. It has a dimensional design standing knights and anchors to the cross guard, while a design of a knight’s helm rests on the pommel. The manufacture of this sword is listed as G.F. Foster & Son Company, Chicago, IL.


    37.0" W x 5.5" H x 1.0" D