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  • Beef, Pork, & Lamb vacum packed and frozen


    BMS works with Direct Distributors of Live and Whole, cut meats food products.  For sale to direct importers of fertilizers for all Class agricultural products from South American ranchers.   We are able to provide Kosher and Halal certificates for most products.

    Shipping Container deliveries are available for 20 and 40-foot sizes packed with cartons or bulk vacuum bags, or frozen cuts.  Worldwide delivery on cost, insurance and freight terms (CIF) available with proper Request for Quotation (RFQ) letters from actual buyers (not brokers) that include credit worthiness information.

    Terms of payment will be transferable, documentary letter of credit written on a top 25 bank.  Small banks will need to have a confirming banks help to provide credit worthiness.

    Please call for a price on the type of meat and cuts needed.  We can also provide quotes for live animals.

    The price listed is a place holder and not accurate.   Photos are representative only.