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Abrasive Tube Notcher TN-600


Made in the USA, the TN-600 abrasive notcher combines a powerful 5 hp motor with state-of-the-art features like a patented self-centering vise and a polished slideway.

  • Requires only 220 volts of single-phase power.
  • Notches up to 3” OD tubing at 60° with optional mandrels.
  • Wide 6” x 79” belt spins at 5400 feet per minute.
  • Adjustable stop for repeatable parts during production runs.
  • Large degree dial to reference the degree of the notch.
  • Self-centering vise lets you switch between materials quickly and start the tube or pipe the proper position on the belt.
  • V-jaws of the vise tightly grip both light- and heavy-gauge tube.
  • Quick-release vice allows for efficient movement of material to ensure accuracy of the notch.
  • Smooth rail system, controlled by an industrial helm joint and a polished slideway, feed the material into the belt.
  • You can adjust belt tension with the convenient wheel.
  • Purchase many sizes of mandrels, available separately. Baileigh typically keeps them in stock for fast shipments.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support by phone.

Why choose the TN-600 over similar machines?

  • The TN-600’s cutting-edge vise guarantees that your piece of tube or pipe will always line up correctly. No more worrying about damaging the machine or losing time on set-ups.
  • Simple mandrel tooling system and quick-release vice save you valuable seconds and minutes on any project time.
  • We’re proud to say this tube and pipe notcher is made in America, like many of Baileigh Industrial’s other signature machines.