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  • Hand-Blown Mexican Tuscan International “Bubble” art glasses (60 pieces)

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    This listing includes variety and complete sets of hand-blown Mexican “Bubble” type art glass.  The company which is displayed on the original packaging is Tuscan International.  The label on the boxes tells me the series of this product of Mexico is called “Flamingo

    These items were originally fabricated and sold in the 1970’s by Nieman Marcus Department stores.  Each of the different class of these vessels are a formed just little different that their twins due to the nature of the handmade approach followed by the artisans that produced the glass items into the variety of shapes, thicknesses and sizes included on my list below.  The expert use of hand blowing, and not machine, creation techniques provide the non-uniform thickness, “bubble” look and colorful tones.

    The list of glass items includes the following

    1.    Margarita Glasses; 4.75” x 6” – Eight (8) units

    2.    Water Goblets; 4.5” x 9.5” – Fourteen (14) units

    3.    Country Goblets; 3.5” x 7.5” – Eight (8) units

    4.    Wine Glasses; 3.5” x 9” – Eight (8) units

    5.    Water Glasses; 3.5” x 7” – eight (8) units

    6.    Juice Goblet; 3” x 9” - Fourteen (14) units

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