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Bypass Valve 6 gpm/1500 psi  13 lbs. (5.9kg)

Bypass Valve Kit is designed to be used with your truck, skid loader, backhoe or tractor’s hydraulic system for use with the Wheeler Rex PipeMaster. The 701185 will adapt your current hydraulic system to the specs required to operate the PipeMaster (maximum 6 gpm/1500 psi). Weight is only 10 pounds and it is easy to connect. The PipeMaster’s hydraulic lines will directly attach to the quick disconnects for both input and output points on the Bypass Valve. Hydraulic lines are required and are not included with the 701185 and are available as an additional accessory.*

*700821 20' Hydraulic Hose Assembly complete with male/female FF quick disconnects


  • Maximum input from alternative hydraulic power source: 0–30 gpm/0–3000 psi
  • Maximum output from Bypass valve: 0–6 gpm/0–1500 psi