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5590 Series Wheeler Super Hydraulic Pipe Cutters

The solution to cutting larger diameter pipe: for Cast Iron, Tile, and Concrete Pipe. Like the hand-operated "snap" cutters, hydraulic cutters are not rotated around pipe. Their remotely operated hydraulic pumps provide the required power. A minimum clearance is needed to wrap cutter chain around pipe, to engage it in the cutter jaws. Complete with pump, hose, and case. Contact us to order and for freight cost.

All models cut 6"-18" (150-450mm) ASA class 26 CI Water Main, in addition to the following sizes and materials listed by each model.

Service (Std) WT Soil Pipe XH Soil Pipe Tile and Concrete Cast Iron 
Water Class 22
Cast Iron 
Water Class 26
Shipping Weight
5590-18 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 200 lbs. (91kg)
5590-20 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–20" (150mm–500mm) 6"–20" (150mm–500mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 213 lbs. (97kg)
5590-24 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–24" (150mm–600mm) 6"–20" (150mm–500mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 230 lbs. (105kg)
5590-36 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 6"–36" (150mm–900mm) 6"–20" (150mm–500mm) 6"–18" (150mm–450mm) 269 lbs. (122kg

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