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Series #2990 Wheeler Rex Pipe Tool Hydraulic Pipe Cutters

The solution to cutting larger diameter plumbing pipe: for Cast Iron, Tile, and Concrete Pipe. Like the hand-operated "snap" cutters, hydraulic cutters are not rotated around the plumbing pipe. Their remotely operated hydraulic pumps provide the required power. A minimum clearance is needed to wrap cutter chain around the plumbing pipe, to engage it in the cutter jaws. Complete with pump, hose, and case.

All models cut 2"-6" (50-150mm) ASA class 22 CI Water Main, and 2"-6" (50-150mm) Service Wt. or XH Soil Pipe in addition to the sizes and materials listed by each model.

Service (Std) WT Soil Pipe XH Soil Pipe Tile / Clay Cast Iron
Water Class 22
Cast Iron
Water Class 26
Shipping Weight
2990-6 2"–6"
2"–6" (50mm–150mm) 2"–6" (50mm–150mm) 2"–6" (50mm–150mm) NA 85 lbs. (39kg)
2990-8 2"–8"
2"–8" (50mm–200mm) 2"–8" (50mm–200mm) 2"–6" (50mm–150mm) NA 87 lbs. (40kg)
2990-10 2"–10" (50mm–250mm) 2"–8" (50mm–200mm) 2"–10" (50mm–250mm) 2"–6" (50mm–150mm) NA 89 lbs. (41kg)
2990-12 2"–10" (50mm–250mm) 2"–8" (50mm–200mm) 2"–12" (50mm–300mm) 2"–6" (50mm–150mm) NA 92 lbs. (42kg)
2990-15 2"–10" (50mm–250mm) 2"–8" (50mm–200mm) 2"–15" (50mm–375mm) 2"–6" (50mm–150mm) NA 94 lbs. (43kg)

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