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  • 278,000 grams of Copper Isotope Powder


    Offered for Sale:  278,000 grams of 99.992% Copper Isotope Powder.  (Russian Made)

    The entire stock of this copper powder can be viewed in Las Vegas, NV by appointment at a safe keeping warehouse.   We offer direct negotiation with the owner of this commodity with zero intermediary involvement other than introduction services. Intermediary fees are paid by the seller.

    Payment will be negotiated via telephonic wire transfer after inspection and negotiation between the owner via his attorneys in Las Vegas, NV USA.

    Price per gram is $2,000 making the extended price for 278,000 grams equal to 556 million US dollars.

    A sample of one gram can be supplied for independent sample analysis at the rate of $2,000 per gram.   We can arrange to have the gram of powder shipped to any location around the world or the customer is welcome to visit and pick up the sample in person.  Vegas is a nice place to visit so let's do business face to face!

    The owner is not interested in any finance security offer where the commodities is provided for a period of time as collateral for loans.   He want a straight sale to a verified customer with cash.

    The London Metal Exchange value per gram of PMS-M4 copper isotope powder is quoted in the range of 4 to 5 thousand dollars per gram. 

    Type: PMS-M4 Copper Isotope Powder

    Purity Grade: 99.992%

    Average Particle Size = 18.05 microns

    Particle Configuration: Skeleton

    Particle Size Intervals: 0-30 Microns covers 96.73% of specimen volume