1927 Stienway A3 6' 4" Long Grand Piano

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This is a 1927 A3 Grand Piano that has been restored. It was fitted with an electronic "Piano Disc" player feature that automatically plays all sorts of tunes via a CD disk.

The A3 was produced by Steinway in the early 1900’s and was designed to be a better sounding piano and more desirable for home/apartment dwellers as compared to a larger size grand piano. The Model A3 is desirable because of its interim size, measuring larger than the Model A while being smaller than the Model B. Model A3’s are appreciated by piano enthusiasts and collectors for their unparalleled quality of sound, power and tone. The scale of the design and concert-level quality of the Model A3 is much preferred by many artist who want a great instrument that can fit in an apartment or home.


Length: 6’ 4 ½” (188 cm)
Width: 57 ¾” (147 cm)
Weight: 695 pounds (315 kg)
Introduced: 1913-1945

I will pay to ship this piano to the buyer within the continental USA.