Six Inch (6") Standard STD- Storm Collar

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The patented Large 6" STD-Storm Collars (#5067291) weatherproof single, or closely grouped, pipe penetrations. These storm collar designs attach to the structure of the penetration to create a water-tight umbrella counter flashing cover over a roof Jack Flashing. STD-Storm collars are "Slide on from the top" storm collar designs. By utilizing a storm collar counter flashing method, that slides onto a penetrating structure, a speedy to install goop-less seal that has a professional clean presentation.

Each class of STD-Storm Collar is made of high quality EPDM rubber and eliminates pitch pocket sealing methods. When a storm collar passage to the roof is employed an independent flexible floating transition at each location provides freedom for unavoidable expansion, contraction or movement. Roof seals do not break, and roofing materials will not work harden nor be affected by seismic activity. Finally, each storm collar passage allows roof "breath-ability" venting at these locations that minimizes moisture, fungi, mold and dry rot issues.