Ornate "Hand Chased" Silver on Copper Punch Bowl, Hanging Cups, Laddle and Engraved Footed Serving Tray with Handles (15 total pieces)

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The offer listed includes one 8" deep x 12" diameter extremely “Hand Chased” decorated Silver Plate Punch Bowl and twelve (12) silver plated embossed flower Cups that have curved handles which enable the hanging of each cup around the perimeter of the punch bowl for display and distribution during use. The manufacturer of the punch bowl is identified with a company logo on the bottom as William and Dore who were in business in the mid 1900 located in Sheffield, England.

The grouping contains a silver plate ladle and a 21" x 28" magnificently inscribed footed tray that shows off the Punch bowl with ornate carvings of spirals and flowers. The Tray is footed with Handles.

This seller is unsure if the tray and the punch bowl are a matching set since there are no identifiers on the tray. There exist clear identifying markings on the punch bowl as shown on the photos. With this in mind, I also have an offer that includes two Williams and Dore pitchers with a tray. That tray is engraved and has the identifier markings that match with the two pitchers; as well as this punch bowl. It's unclear if these four pieces are of the same ensemble including punch bowl, pitchers, cups and tray.

All that being said, I like the footing tray matched with the punch bowl that is included with this offer because of its oval design, edge engravings, etchings and weight. Although, in a perfect world, it would be nice if all these items would be kept together to create a significant party set.

Please contact me with any questions.

Note: The silver needs polishing.